Oakwood School's outdoor learning

Prep-School Outdoor Learning

It is now widely accepted that time spent in natural surroundings is good for us in terms of our mental and physical wellbeing but also assisting with focus, independence and social skills.

At Oakwood we use the resources of our beautiful site daily and we ensure that our pupils have plenty of opportunities to be outside, learning and playing with their teachers and friends. Children in Years 3 and 4 all participate in Outdoor Learning lessons as part of our Creative Carousel. These are based in our fantastic outdoor classroom in our own woodland.

During some of these lessons they learn about the flora and fauna of our site and are encouraged to link this knowledge to wider environmental issues, whilst in other sessions they learn bushcraft skills and take part in activities related to their topics. From making Stone Age glue to Tudor dyeing to Victorian remedies, we try to replicate the way our ancestors used natural resources, and why.

Many of these sessions will involve campfires and, quite often, we enjoy food preparation, cooking and eating! We should all be aware that our planet is threatened by global warming and climate change and that we are all responsible for doing what we can to help. At Oakwood we want to nurture pupils who understand and have a respect for the natural world around us, and who want to protect it for the future.

Instilling this sense of responsibility is vital and the Oakwood Green Team is one opportunity open to our senior pupils in Years 5 and 6 who would like to contribute to our sustainability efforts. Whether it is trying to increase the biodiversity of our site through wildlife gardening projects or recycling food waste through composting, the children understand that they can make a difference.