Learning Support

Oakwood School

Learning Support

Oakwood School offers a support programme for children who need additional educational and/or welfare support. Teachers and parents are encouraged to bring concerns to the attention of the school SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator), Mrs Carla Todd, or in the case of welfare issues, to the child's form teacher or to Felix Page, Oakwood's Head of Pastoral Care.

Great care is taken to ensure that all children are able to develop their strengths and overcome their challenges; in some cases it might be considered necessary for a child to have extra, individual lessons for a period of time. Specialist teachers are able to provide invaluable 1:1 support within the school day, at additional cost. These lessons can focus on literacy and numeracy skills and techniques.

Children may also benefit from small group work (Wave 2 intervention). These sessions are led by an Oakwood teacher and small groups no larger than six pupils meet twice weekly and act to bridge gaps in learning and to make the school curriculum accessible. Form tutors and specialist English and mathematics teachers are quick to notice any weaknesses in a pupil's learning and firstly try to support this often with the help of a TA in class (Wave 1 intervention).

Specialist language teachers can also be brought in to help pupils for whom English is a second language. These lessons will take place during the school day, and will incur a separate charge. 

The school also operates a Gifted, Talented & Interested Programme so that the most able are given every opportunity to fulfil their potential.  Oakwood recognises strengths of individual pupils through an internal ambassador programme in Academics, Sport, Creative and Performing Arts.  These pupils are given the opportunity throughout the year to act as ambassadors for their talent and to develop their interests further.

For more information regarding local service please refer to the following link https://westsussex.local-offer.org/