Creative and Performing Arts

Prep School

Hy Oakwood 113 3

Creative and Performing Arts

Art & Design Technology at Oakwood

Oakwood pupils enjoy an exciting and varied programme of art and design technology in a beautiful, well equipped art room. Children are encouraged to learn and explore through a variety of creative activities including; drawing, painting, ceramics, silk painting, sewing, felt making, 3D design, animation, sculpture and printmaking.

Visits from local artists and sculptors enhance and extend the children's work.

The annual Oakwood Art Exhibition is a chance for every child from nursery upwards to select a piece of their work to be exhibited. The event is judged each year by guest artists.

From Year 2 the children come to the art room for more formal lessons.  A balanced curriculum is taught through projects lasting between two to six weeks.  Areas covered presently are: drawing, painting, sewing, collage, printmaking, 3D construction, felt making, silk painting, willow structure design, ceramics, colour mixing, art history and food technology.  High priority is given to the teaching of drawing as this skill is important in all areas of art and design as well as being a useful and desirable life skill.


Oakwood has four thriving choirs (Year 1, Year 2, Junior and Senior) and several smaller singing groups who perform regularly at school as well as in festivals and competitions. Oakwood's music reputation is very high and is one of the school's many strengths.

The children at Oakwood are encouraged to perform, to help build their confidence, and there are regular informal concerts and opportunities to hear the children play or sing. 

65% of the children play a musical instrument; both group and private lessons can be arranged. Instruments include; piano, voice, flute, clarinet, saxophone, stringed instruments, guitar, recorder, drums and trumpet.

Additionally, every class from Nursery to Year 2 receives a music lesson each week, with opportunities to join musical clubs and take individual lessons.


The children from the Early Years Foundation Stage and KS1 (Years 1 & 2) each perform an annual Nativity play. This is always a wonderful celebration.

Drama is an important part of the school Curriculum from Year 1, when children can study for their LAMDA exams. 

Year 6 perform an end of year play. Years 3, 4 & 5 have annual drama evenings, showcasing what they have learnt in their lessons. The Year 6 play and the drama evenings are a great opportunity for everyone in each year group to take part and build their confidence.

The Friday whole school assemblies, to which parents are warmly invited, offer ample opportunities for additional performing experience.