Prep School

Oakwood pupil in ICT class


Children from Year 1 to Year 6 have time-tabled computing lessons which take place in the computing suite. There are also opportunities for children to use the computing facilities to support their learning across the curriculum.


Within the Prep School, pupils become more familiar with programs such as Office, continue to develop their coding and programming knowledge, develop an understanding of internet safety and are introduced to capturing and formatting digital media in the form of photos and video.

The school uses high specification interactive whiteboards to enhance teaching and learning and the Library is equipped with computers linked to the school network and state of the art Library management software.

Supervised internet access is available to all the children.

In addition to the school's network, there are stand alone computers throughout Pre-Prep for children to use throughout the day and enhance their learning.

Children may also use the class sets of LearnPads or iPads to support their work in class, and Mac computers and Macbooks are used both in our art room, and to support the Year 5 and 6 curriculum.