Music, Arts & Cookery


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Music, Arts & Cookery

At Little Oaks Nursery & Kindergarten, music, drama and art are an integral part of daily life.

Music has a strong reputation at Oakwood and it is no different at Little Oaks. Children are encouraged to learn through music whether that is via a musical instrument, percussion, clapping their hands or singing. Music and rhythm are a great way of both having fun and learning.

The children have daily opportunities to take part in imaginative play with some wonderful theme areas in the classroom. Here they interact with their friends and take part in children's role play which is wonderful for their imagination. The children also take part in a fabulous annual Nativity Play and a Spring concert, giving everyone the opportunity to dress up, be on stage and build their confidence. These events are truly enchanting and there is rarely a dry eye in the house when the parents, grandparents and friends are invited to come and celebrate the children.

Art is an important way for children to express themselves. Children have the opportunity to experiment with many art forms, colours and textures which is not only great fun and very messy…but also enhances their learning experience.

Cookery gives children a wonderful opportunity to experiment with flavours, to try new foods and to learn the joy of cooking. It also helps with their literacy, helping to read the recipe as well as their numeracy, when weighing and measuring the ingredients through a cross creative curriculum.

All of these important activities allow the children to have fun, experiment and build their confidence but above all underpins the love of learning that is instilled at Little Oaks Nursery & Kindergarten.