Oakwood pupils

Pastoral Care in the Pre-Prep

In Oakwood Pre-Prep, we pride ourselves on the excellent behaviour and respect that is displayed by children and staff. This is nurtured, guided and modelled in accordance with our Early Years vision that each child should feel happy and secure at school. Our staff foster caring relationships with the children in their class but the children also know that they may talk to any Pre-Prep teacher, key person or to the Assistant Head at any time. Your child spends many formative years of their life at Oakwood and here, attitudes towards trust, confidence and leadership are shaped.  Children are taught, from an early age, how to become an essential part of the community whilst not losing their individuality and spirit.

How does this happen?

“The Oakwood Way” provides all pupils with a set of core behavioural expectations, laid out in a series of simple guidelines crafted by the pupils of Oakwood themselves. It is displayed in classrooms and around the school and is the basis for our work in PSHE, assemblies and class discussions. It is frequently referred to by all staff.

Oakwood prides itself on knowing every child and family in the school, with small classes and attentive key people and teachers. Staff consistently promote courteous, kind and thoughtful behaviour, with particular emphasis placed upon encouragement, positive reinforcement and rewards when appropriate.

Children receive stickers in recognition of good work, positive behaviour, and acts of kindness or helpfulness to others. In addition, pupils who consistently try their best in a particular area of school life are invited to write their name in our "Special Book” and are awarded a Star Badge for the week. These children’s achievements are recognised at their celebration ‘Star Badge Assembly’ and they are invited to take a bow at the weekly whole school assembly.

From Little Oaks onwards, all children belong to one of our four houses or ‘teams’, each with its own colour and identity. Our pupils are always keen to earn house points, and a positive ethos of joining in and trying hard is fostered. It is a fantastic spectacle to see pupils from Nursery to Year 6 participating together in house events.

For further details, please refer to our ‘EYFS Behaviour Management Policy’ and ‘Behaviour Management Policy’. 

Personal Development at Oakwood

The personal development of Oakwood pupils is at the heart of all we do.  Above all we aim to develop happy and confident children in a safe and nurturing environment, whilst at the same time having an awareness of the world we live in, both close to home and further afield.  The focus on the spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of education is prioritised to ensure the well being of our pupils and to achieve this aim.

We place considerable importance on community and the development of ‘soft skills’ such as empathy, compassion and the acceptance of everyone in our school, local community and in the wider world as a whole.

Our regular school assemblies provide excellent opportunities to come together to reflect, celebrate and broaden our pupils’ knowledge of the world.  We celebrate many Christian festivals and national events through the school year:

•    Harvest Festival 
•    Remembrance Service
•    Advent Assembly
•    Christmas Carol Service
•    Lent Assembly
•    Easter Assembly

We are fortunate to have Father Charles Howard, the vicar of our local parish, as a Governor of Oakwood.  Father Charles is well known to Oakwood families and guides the spiritual development of our pupils, both in school and outside in our local community.  Many Oakwood families regularly attend services in our local parish at St Mary’s Funtington, St Mary’s Sennicotts and St Andrew's West Stoke.  Father Charles also runs confirmation classes in school every academic year, with a confirmation service at Chichester Cathedral, as well as supporting school events in his ‘Adopt a Governor Role’ with Year 3.

Pupils are encouraged to support local, national and international charities; to this end fundraising events are well supported by pupils and parents, donating considerable sums of money each year to a range of charitable organisations.