Learning Support

Oakwood Learning Support

Learning Support

Oakwood School is an educationally inclusive school in which the well-being, learning achievements and attitudes of every pupil matter.

The school recognises, however, that either for a short time or throughout a young person’s schooling some additional support may be required. Such support may be needed as a result of a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, emotional or social communication difficulties, fine and gross motor skills enhancement, a linguistic difficulty or family circumstance.

Due to small class sizes and our adult:pupil ratios, teachers know their pupils very well.  They are quick to notice any changes in a pupil’s performance or a widening gap between an individual and his or her peers.

We have a designated member of staff who is the whole school IENCO (Individual Educational Needs Co-ordinator) and additional specialist teachers to provide support to children. 

When required, a specific 1:1  programme is planned and delivered by Specialist Teachers. Parents receive and individualised plan outlining specific targets and goals.  These lessons accrue an additional charge.  Some of our younger pupils benefit from Speech and Language Therapy, Play Therapy and Occupational Therapy all of which we are able to arrange during the school day.

Where external assessments are required, the Learning Support Department is able to liaise closely with the relevant specialists prior to any assessment and then to meet with parents in order to discuss how best to implement any recommendations within school.  Educational Psychologist assessments are not often done before a child is 7-8 years old.

For more information regarding local service please refer to the following link https://westsussex.local-offer.org/