Oakwood pupils working in the classroom together


Support from home

Homework is an important part of involving parents in their child’s learning.  At Oakwood we ensure that there are good links between home and school. In the Pre-Prep, teachers communicate with parents via a Reading Diary/Record which is used to record reading both at home and school.  Parents are informed on the topics and subject areas covered in school via the Curriculum Overview

Parents are asked to hear their child read every day throughout the Pre-Prep, as we believe strongly that reading forms the vital building blocks to learning.  To help children unlock the door to a world of words, the children in Reception take home key words and synthetic phonic cards.  This additional practice supports the learning to read process.  In addition, maths packs are sent home and parents are encouraged to support their children by playing maths games with them.

In Year 1, parents are informed weekly of the Literacy focus –Keyword spellings, Phonics sounds and Handwriting patterns.  The same also takes place in Numeracy – the Maths focus.  We suggest websites to parents which they might like to explore with their child.

Year 2’s receive weekly spelling which they are encouraged to learn at home.  The words follow a spelling pattern being taught in school.  Each week the learning objective in maths is sent home, via the homework and children are encouraged to practice some maths at home in a fun and stimulating way.

Homework is intended to support the children's learning and develop the understanding that learning does not just take part in school.