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Remote Learning - Spring Term 2021

Friday 29th January 2021

January 2021 saw a return to remote learning for the majority of our pupils.  We are so proud of the resilience of our pupils and their positivity and creativity in their tasks at home.  We are grateful to our families who support their learning and are aware of the impact that this has on family life and parents’ work life.  We are also so thankful for a teaching and support staff who are committed to providing excellent online teaching and also who are devoted to the children’s well-being in a complicated time.  Our teachers ensure that all of our pupils working remotely have time for live lessons and also live form time where they can chat about what they have been up to, what challenges they are facing and just to enjoy a good

We love seeing all the photos of children engaged in their work, getting outside to get some fresh air and exercise.  We are impressed with their engagement in lessons and their positive work attitude. We are also impressed with their cooking skills and beautiful art work and we can’t wait to have everyone back in person.