Glowing review for Chichester’s Oakwood School from UK’s number one Guide

Thursday 16th May 2019

Chichester’s Oakwood School has received a glowing review from The Good Schools Guide, after being included for the first time in the UK’s number one trusted guide to state, independent and special schools.

Inclusion in the Guide is valued by schools as its reviews are conducted independently. Schools are not allowed to apply to be included, nor can they pay to be added or contribute any content if they are selected for review.

Writers take the views of as many pupils and parents as possible and their unbiased and candid reviews include every aspect from academic achievements to enrichment, extra-curricular activities and general atmosphere.

Oakwood’s reviewer observed lessons, reporting that they ‘saw lively, engaging teachers’ with children who ‘were happy and busy learning’. They also stated that the school is ‘aware of the need to get good results and be strong academically” and “is vigilant at picking up on special needs’. Alongside this, the number of clubs and activities, from Lego or cooking, to sports or simply enjoying the school’s beautiful environment, were commended.

Attention in the Guide was drawn to Oakwood’s culture of ‘kindness and support’, stating that, ‘Parents bubble over with enthusiasm for Oakwood, and the strong community here appears to embrace everyone, from parents, children and staff, to the in-house builders, caterers and cleaners.’

The events of last Christmas were also highlighted, when Headteacher, Clare Bradbury, opened up the school for Christmas Day lunch and festivities to anyone in the Chichester area, young or old, who would otherwise be alone on the day.

‘Energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated, this head is passionate about primary education, and invests in both children and teachers,’ the review said, quoting a child who described her as ‘mak[ing] the school the best it can be so everyone is happy inside it’.

Clare Bradbury said, “We are delighted to receive such a wonderful independent written review.  This prestigious guide to helping parents choose the right school for their children is valued for its independence and we are very proud to be recognised for the key strengths which make Oakwood unique.”

To read the full report, please visit and click on The Good Schools Guide logo.