Chichester’s Oakwood School celebrates outstanding results

Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Chichester’s Oakwood School is celebrating another year of top results for its Year 6 pupils who have all gained entry to their chosen senior school next year. The outstanding results also mean that a fantastic thirteen scholarships have been awarded to the pupils across the curriculum, including academic, art, sport and music subjects.

During the summer term, the children will all get to enjoy an Academic Enrichment Programme that supports the development of skills, such as leadership, resilience and teamwork.

“We do our best to prepare the children academically, but it’s also important to equip them with this important set of life skills so that they can move confidently on to their next school,” Clare Bradbury, Headteacher of Oakwood School, said. 

She added, “It’s wonderful that the scholarships have been awarded across so many areas of education, which reflects our passion for providing as wide an educational experience as possible for all our pupils.

“All the children are delighted with their achievements and are full of excitement for the next step in their education. We are so proud of their commitment and drive to achieve their best both at Oakwood and also to ensure they attend a senior school of their choice.”