School Charities


Charities supported by the school

Oakwood families and staff are given the opportunity to nominate charities close to their hearts for the Oakwood community to support each year.  Our pupils vote on both a national and local charity and throughout the school year think of wonderful creative fundraising events to raise funds.  We welcome visits from the charities to teach our children more about their work and develop in our pupils a greater understanding of their responsibilities in our local community.

We are very proud of our pupils for leading our fundraising and actively engaging in the support of our chosen charities each year.  Mrs Bradbury often meets with small groups of pupils who are particularly passionate to promote a fundraising idea either for our school charities or for a charity that has impacted them directly.  We are always glad to support these endeavours, a Friday afternoon cake sale is a real treat!

This Year’s School Charities

The Sussex Snowdrop Trust are a unique charity providing 'Nursing Care at Home' for local children who have a life-limiting or life-threatening illness. Based in the Chichester area of West Sussex, The Sussex Snowdrop Trust provides:

  • Children's Community Nurses. Children's Community Nurses administer medication and perform various procedures when the Snowdrop child is at home. They give medical advice, teach parents how to manage their child's medicines and treatments, listen to problems and liaise with other Health Professionals.
  • Health Care Assistants. Help parents by taking 'Snowdrop' children and their siblings out for various periods of time, or they look after children at home so that parents can have some time for their other children or even themselves.
  • Emotional support which is met by the Snowdrop Counsellors. The Counsellors help by befriending and supporting a family throughout their child's illness should it be needed. They also provide bereavement support.
  • Financial help for families coping with the day-to-day problems of caring for a very sick child. The charity helps in any way that can relieve parents of the extra financial problems that occur when a child has a life threatening or terminal illness e.g. household equipment and bills, travelling expenses to hospital and so much more.

Sense. A charity supporting everyone living with complex disabilities. For everyone who is deafblind. Sense is here to help people communicate and experience the world. They believe that no one, no matter how complex their disabilities, should be isolated, left out, or unable to fulfil their potential.

They provide:

Information and advice. Providing support for families.
Housing and individual support including residential care, supported living, communicator guides and intervenors.
Centres, education and day services. They help build connections and develop skills at Sense Centres, Touchbase and Sense College.
Arts, sport and wellbeing. To give opportunities for creative expression and physical activity.
Holidays, short breaks and activity groups. Making connections and memories!

Past Charities

2019/20 Charities:
Sage House

2018/19 Charities:
Brent Lodge Bird and Wildlife Trust
The Wildlife Trust

2017/18 Charities:
Southampton PICU
Children’s Air Ambulance

2016/17 Charities:
Canine Partners
Cancer Research UK

Each year we are delighted to present both chosen charities with a cheque for approximately £2,500.