School Fees

Oakwood House

Fees for Academic Year 2022/2023

The Prep School Termly Fee
Year 5 & 6 £5,520
Year 3 & 4  £5,130
The Pre-Prep  
Year 2  £3,795
Year 1  £3,610
Reception £3,430
Kindergarten - 5 mornings £1,890
Kindergarten - 5 mornings + lunch £2,950
Kindergarten - 5 full days £3,560
Nursery - 5 mornings £2,115
Nursery - 5 mornings + lunch £3,105
Nursery - 5 full days £3,560
Miscellaneous charges for 2021/2022  
Music Lessons varies by instrument
Breakfast £3
Supervised Homework £5
Acorns Tea Club  £10 per session
After school activities varies by club
Fee Protection Insurance .58% of net fees per term
School bus £4 per child per day or £7 per family per day

Payment Terms
Fees are charged in advance and are due on or before the first day of term.

Sibling Discount Policy
A reduction in Fees of 10% is made from the second and subsequent child's fee when two more brothers/sisters are attending the school at the same time.

Financial Assistance
Means-test bursaries are available to those who qualify. Please contact the school Bursar for more details of the financial assistance available.

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Oakwood School participates in the Early Years Free Entitlement (FE) scheme, administered by West Sussex County Council, and is able to accept FE funding for 3 and 4 year olds for up to 15 hours per week and for up to 38 weeks a year. Parents will be asked to complete a FE eligibility form and parents are provided with an FE information sheet before the first FE funding claim is made. A minimum number of sessions are required to be attended in our Nursery and  Kindergarten classes.

 The termly fees for 3 and 4 year olds will include charges for additional services over and above the value of FE. These will be explained to parents upon enquiry and / or registration, however these include items such as the use of the wider school environment and facilities and teacher expertise.

Download the Personal Accident Insurance details hereDownload the Fees Return Insurance details here