Oakwood School's wrap-around care

Mr Bax

Wrap Around Care

At Oakwood we recognise the importance of parent careers to ensure they can provide the best for their children. In turn, we aim to support this by providing a nurturing and safe extended school day for children in any year group at Oakwood providing support and flexibility to our families. From Monday to Friday the school doors are open from 7.45am until 6pm.

Children are welcome to arrive at school at 7.45 for a supervised breakfast club. Breakfast includes toast, cereals, fruit, juices, yogurts and a special Friday treat. Our catering team are very happy to assist with any specific individual dietary needs. No advance notice is required. The cost is £3 per day and is added to your school bill at the end of each term.

Pre-Prep After School Care:

Children from Nursery through Year 2 can be booked into our Acorns Tea Club which offers an informal relaxed time for children from 3.30-6pm. Children can play indoors and outdoors, enjoy drawing, puzzles and games or just rest and chat with a friend. Sandwiches are served as a high tea at 5pm with drinks and fruit. Parents are welcome to collect their child(ren) at anytime between 3.30-6pm. Acorns Tea Club can be booked for an entire term at the cost of £90 per term or can be used on an ad hoc basis at a cost of £10 per session. All after school care will be itemised on your school bill.

Pre-Prep children who have a sibling in the Prep School or a sibling in Pre-Prep participating in an after school activity are welcome to join 4.15 club at no charge. This provides an easy opportunity for parents to only need to collect children at one time at the end of the school day. Children watch a short film and enjoy a small snack.

Prep School After School Care:

Children in Years 3-6 can be booked into our Prep and Late Prep Clubs which provide an opportunity for supervised homework at the end of the school day. Prep takes place from 4.15-5.15pm and Late Prep from 5.15-6pm. Some children participate in an after school activity and then go on to Late Prep to complete their homework before being collected. Parents are welcome to collect their child(ren) at any time during these sessions. Prep and Late Prep can be booked in advance for the term at the cost of £40 each or can be booked on an ad hoc basis at the cost of £4 for Prep and £5 for Late Prep. All children staying at school for either Prep or an Activity Club have the opportunity to have a snack when they are dismissed by their form tutor at 4.15pm. A light tea of sandwiches and fruit is served during Late Prep.

We appreciate your understanding that an unforeseen pick-up after 6pm will incur a late pick up charge of £10 per every 15 minutes.