Clare Bradbury talking to students

Clare Bradbury


BSc Psychology, PGCE

What did you do before you came to teach at Oakwood?
I was Deputy Head at Westbourne House School for five years after a variety of roles including teaching, running a boarding house and Head of Juniors.

What qualities are important for staff in education?
A good sense of humour, enthusiasm, compassion, dedication, inspiration and an ability to ‘go with the flow’.

What are the best ways to encourage and motivate children?
Shiny stickers and showing an active interest in their work and achievements.  It is crucial to get to know each child and ensure they feel important and valued.

What are your favourite places at Oakwood?
The relaxing Art Room, the freedom of our open spaces, our welcoming dining room and our new Arundel Library.

What do you think makes Oakwood special?
The chance to be a child partnered with having a tremendous range of opportunity.  A dedicated and fun staff.  The satisfaction of children’s achievements.  The loyalty of the larger Oakwood community.

Tell us about someone or something that inspires you.
I am in awe of midwives (my Mum was one!).