The Oakwood School Policies
DownloadAccessibility Policy & Plan (2018-22) Sept 21215.81KB
DownloadAdmissions Policy Sept 21214.33KB
DownloadAnti Bullying Policy Sept 21258.56KB
DownloadAnti-Bullying Policy Appendix 1 Sept 21388.36KB
DownloadBehaviour Management - Appendix D185.98KB
DownloadBehaviour Management Appendix A153.18KB
DownloadBehaviour Management Appendix B170.54KB
DownloadBehaviour Management Appendix C427.11KB
DownloadBehaviour Management, Rewards & Sanctions Policy Jan 21232.28KB
DownloadComplaints Policy Sept 21215.67KB
DownloadCOVID-19 Risk Assessment Oct 2021247.90KB
DownloadDog Policy Sept 21147.69KB
DownloadEducational Visits & Activities Policy May 21227.59KB
DownloadEnglish as an additional language (EAL) Policy Sept 21203.07KB
DownloadEqual Opportunities Policy Jan 21204.19KB
DownloadEquality & Diversity Policy Sept 20193.53KB
DownloadEYFS Policy Sept 21218.18KB
DownloadFire Safety Policy Sept 21234.65KB
DownloadFirst Aid Policy Sept 21257.21KB
DownloadHealth & Safety Policy Jan 21111.98KB
DownloadHealth & Safety Policy Statement Sept 2175.66KB
DownloadJigsaw PSHE & RSHE Policy March 21276.70KB
DownloadJigsaw RSHE A Guide for Parents and Carers Leaflet 2020 279.38KB
DownloadJigsaw Snapshot Overview Map Parent Guide201.27KB
DownloadMissing Child Policy Sept 21250.77KB
DownloadPrivacy Notice Jan 22165.07KB
DownloadPupils' Use of ICT Policy Sept 20218.36KB
DownloadRecruitment of Governors Trustees and Volunteers Policy Aug 20194.51KB
DownloadRecruitment, Selection and Disclosures Policy and Procedure Aug 20236.46KB
DownloadRemote Education Policy Sept 20223.30KB
DownloadRisk Assessment Policy Dec 20204.47KB
DownloadSafeguarding & Child Protection Policy Appendix 6 Jan 21146.32KB
DownloadSafeguarding & Child Protection Policy Sept 21514.83KB
DownloadSpecial Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Policy Sept 21252.58KB
DownloadStaff Behaviour Code of Conduct Policy Sept 21273.91KB
DownloadSupervision Policy Jan 21216.31KB
DownloadT&L Policy Appendix A Jan 21187.30KB
DownloadT&L Policy Appendix B Jan 2184.33KB
DownloadT&L Policy Appendix C Jan 2143.73KB
DownloadT&L Policy Appendix D Jan 2182.81KB
DownloadT&L Policy Appendix E Jan 2168.12KB
DownloadT&L Policy Appendix F Jan 21526.08KB
DownloadT&L Policy Appendix G Jan 21134.51KB
DownloadT&L Policy Appendix H Jan 21401.98KB
DownloadTeaching & Learning Policy Jan 21333.93KB
DownloadTerms and conditions for parents160.53KB