Inspection Reports

The Oakwood School Inspection Reports
Oakwood School from a birds-eye viewIndependent Schools Inspectorate

Inspection Reports

ISI School Report

ISI is a body approved by the Secretary of State for Education for the purpose of inspecting independent schools in ISC under Section 162A of the Education Act 2002.

Oakwood School was inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in February 2020. This was a Regulatory Compliance inspection, which is designed to establish whether the school meets each of the regulations in the ISI handbook. It does not investigate the quality of education offered by the school, unlike the 2017 Educational Quality and Focused Compliance Inspection. This ISI report available on our website.

Schools are advised to use Regulatory Compliance Inspections in a similar fashion to a vehicle MOT and to use them as an opportunity to review processes and amend procedures as needed. The report itself lists only whether each regulation has been ‘met’ or ‘not met’.

The school was deemed to be compliant with the exception of specific requirements relating to a small number of recruitment checks. We were immediately able to provide the required appropriate information. The report, however, retains the ‘not met’ judgement in these areas. We have now requested a formal acknowledgement of these amendments to be re-issued which will provide an updated report.  

Click here to read our 2017 full inspection reports on the ISI website. Alternativelyyou may download the reports below. 

Educational Quality Inspection Report, ISI, March 2017Focused Compliance Inspection Report, ISI, March 2017Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report, ISI, March 2020

Oakwood Summary Document

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